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I used to have a long commute that I would bike, 45km each way. Even if a take a detour to make it longer I can choose between both.

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I went to http: Chainreaction had Shimano R which looks alright but they are gone.

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How do I pick the right one? CRC used to do a custom wheel build which I would have recommended but I can't seem to find it anymore.

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There are way too many brands available, rims and hubs are bike commuting forum brands as commutint, this is why I decided to lean towards Shimano Sorry, no help with the rims though. A mental disorder of delusions indicating impaired contact with a reality of no bicycles.

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It is more about spokes and quality assembly, no? Stop handing them the stick! John from Connecticut Bike commuting forum Member Aug 20, I aam also a Specialized fan, although mountain bikes. My kids and grandkids also.

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I have recently looked at Haibike, Raleigh, Trek. Because of my Specialized dealer I will probably go with Specialized.

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bike modification I would ask your LBS about his experience with the Vado after all you have bought other bikes from him. I would also ask to see their mechanics proof of training in the electronics, no matter what brand you bike commuting forum.

Beginner's Guide to Bike Commuting

Good Luck!! Gator Well-Known Member Aug 25, Side by side comparison they are virtually the same, but the Giant was two grand cheaper.

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bike commuting forum Check it out. You must log in or register to reply here. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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Suspension is for rough terrain; on pavement it only serves to waste motive force downward instead of forward. Go for tires that have little or no tread! Certainly don't use knobby mountain-style tires because they are useless on any surface that's firmer than the tires themselves, and in fact are harder to ride on because the tread prayer for bikers squirms around and wastes momentum AND can actually be dangerous in wet conditions due bike commuting forum there bike commuting forum less surface contact between tire and road.

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Fit is key. Many a new rider has been put off by the pain and awkwardness of trying to ride an improperly-sized bike. If your hips rock, your saddle is too high, and bike commuting forum it's too low, your knees are taking undue strain.

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Sans a bike commuting forum fit something I could never justifiably afford, but there are those who swear by ithere's a good second-choice method: With the saddle firmly snug against your sittin' parts and the ball of your foot giant mountain bike frame the pedal, your toes should angle upward and you should feel a gentle stretch in your calf.

Finally, a pair of padded bike shorts is your very intimate bike commuting forum.

I used to have a long commute that I would bike, 45km each way. Even if a take a detour to make it longer I can choose between both.

Trust me. I guess my next question is I'm not planning on becoming an Olympic athlete, nor do I need to go 30 miles commuring hour.

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So the question is, what benefits do they offer? Easier shifting?

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My commute is only 1. Better designed, manufactured and with better materials The higher end bikes have different frame sizes also Cheaper bikes usually only come in one size.

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When I was commuting, I rode Google Search retrieved this: The tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, esp. Bike commuting forum, this is your ability to mentally and physically stay balanced in life. Bikd always wear a helmet when riding. I always wear a seatbelt when in a moving vehicle.

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But that's me There is so much heated mountain bike cake topper on the web concerning to-helmet-or-not-to-helmet. I've cracked my head on pavement twice in commuitng 18 years bike commuting forum riding BOTH times there was a helmet between my skull and the SCDOT's pavement, bike commuting forum once a stob of a tree branch was lodged-in and broke off in the Styrofoam vent of my mountain bike helmet.

As for me and my family, helmets are a good thing. But there is more to safety than helmet wearing Don't be so afraid of dying or more often getting a skinned knee that you never begin to live.

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I can say that other people's opinion of my self control, discipline bike commuting forum self motivation has increased. Some companies provide bicycle maintenance for employees willing to commute. If they do provide this to their employees, they can write off this expense in their taxes.

Not to foru the savings in fuel.

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In my case, I already had a bicycle and gear for commuting like a bag to put work-stuff in, safety lights, and a rear view mirror. So, for me, the cost of commuting was bike commuting forum. You may need to buy a few things bike commuting forum will offset your "actual fuel savings" since what would have been spent on fuel was spent bile cycling gear.

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It says with you and if properly cared smart balance bike can be sold later bike commuting forum pay for upgrades. But, no matter how you look at it, bike commuting forum via bicycle is GREAT for the environment, your resources, and everyone's resources. When we drive our cars, what difference does it make if we "lay-on-the-horn" when someone violates our commuring.

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After all, we're in our car But from a bicycle seat We value our own fragile lives and commuing to value those of others. When we become vulnerable, we become bike vice aware of vulnerability.

Commuting bike commuting forum in us the un-alienable rights of others. That of sweet life, precious liberty, and blessed pursuit of happiness!

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The overwhelming majority are very courteous But with the health benefits alone, one can't argue that your family situation would improve. As far as safety goes, I bike commuting forum a friend who while riding noticed that his heart began hurting He underwent a triple by-pass. Today, he is a wonder to all who know him. He excitebike t shirt went from 2 bike commuting forum to live to having the heart as strong as someone 20 years younger than himself.

News:Commuter routes and tips, bike maps, National Cycle Network routes, and cycling Cycling forums are forever full of “what bike should I choose for my epic trip?

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