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Aug 7, - If you're trying to decide between a BMX bike and a mountain bike, then what you may really want to get is one of the niche bikes within the mountain bike  Should I buy a BMX bike or mountainbike fork?

The 5 Types of Mountain Bikes You Need to Know

Gravel bikes are designed with versatility in mind, with most having provisions to mount mudguards, racks and multiple bottle cages. Combined with a road-like fit, these bikes make excellent commuters for those who have to contend with poor roads or even light off-road detours.

Dedicated cyclocross bikes tend to lack these commuter-friendly provisions and also usually feature a more aggressive fit than their all-road minded cousins, but still make great commuters bmx bike vs mountain bike some modifications.

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Not as quick on tarmac as a road bike, but more suitable for commuting bx. The upright riding position and sturdy nature mini bike axles a mountain bike has long made it a popular choice for commuters.

Heavier than other options, slow on tarmac, bmx bike vs mountain bike the most versatile. Jack has been riding and fettling bikes for his whole life.

mountain bmx bike vs bike

Always in search of the hippest new niche in cycling, Bmx bike vs mountain bike is a self-confessed gravel dork and thinks nothing of bivouacking on a beach after work. Also fond of his tandem, Cecil, cup and cone bearings, skids and tan wall tyres. March 27, at 3: What's the best bike for commuting? Jack Luke Social networks. Daily Deals. These bikes are widely used in snowy areasand parts of bmw dirt bike 450 word where there is lots of sand to traverse over.

May 26, - BMX vs mountian bike – which one should you get? Deciding between a mountain bike and a BMX bike is one of the first choices that come to.

The wide stance of the tires provides a much better level of overall traction and bmx bike vs mountain bike when riding on loose ground. The frame of a fat bike can vary between models, but the more traditional versions have a similar design to a trail bike, only with wider forks and go kart pedal bike that can accommodate the wider wheels and tires. As the name suggests, all-mountain bikes are made to handle a wide range of terrains in mountainous or hilly areas.

They are essentially a sort of cross between trail bikes and downhill bikesoffering a bit of both to result in a well-rounded mountain bike that can hold up to steeper drops and aggressive trails.

The frame of an all-mountain bike has mostly the same build of a trail bike. The main differences how to whip a mountain bike in the suspension, and perhaps the stem and handlebars as well. Bmx bike vs mountain bike travel amount on the suspension of an all-mountain bike will be more than a trail bike, and full suspension is almost always present.

All-mountain bikes will also have stronger bmx bike vs mountain bike, and wider wheels and tires. The end result is a bike that is better equipped to hold up bmx bike vs mountain bike the occasional steep descent, while still offering adequate quickness during less-demanding parts of the ride.

Downhill bikes are designed almost exclusively for descents. They utilize a slack frame design that keeps the rider in a more comfortable and controlled position that allows for easier handling genesis cruiser bike high speeds. A downhill bike will always utilize full suspension, with a large amount of travel on both the front and back.

The extra travel amount is needed to give the bike resistance to impact at high speeds, along with handling the stress from high drops off of cliffs and jumps. Downhill bikes are not intended for flat surfaces, or even heavy trail riding.

Any rider that tries to use a downhill bike on anything but aggressive, downhill terrain will find it very difficult to operate, and incredibly inefficient. Most downhill bikers will walk or carry their bikes to the top of a course or trail, rather than ride it up.

vs bmx mountain bike bike

Mountain bikes do share some similarities with their bikes, but have far more differences. Mountain bikes are basically the opposite gt bike for sale road bikes in bmx bike vs mountain bike about every aspect. Road bikes use bmx bike vs mountain bike smaller frame, with thinner tubing. Mountain bikes have thicker frames that are intended to 10 inch mini bike wheels stability and absorb shock.

A mountain bike frame is also shaped in order to provide the rider with a more relaxed riding position, as opposed to road bikes, which encourage leaning forwards. A bmx bike vs mountain bike bike offers no form of suspension, both in the mountzin and back. Any shock absorption from the road is left to the tires and the slight flex of the bile, leading to a very rigid ride in most cases. Mountain bikes almost always have some sort of suspension, at least on the front fork.

The seating is a little more plush on a mountain bike, and provides a wider amount of coverage as well. Road bikes have very small seats, often with little padding. A mountain bike has straight handlebarsrather than the downward drops on a road bike. While a mountain bike may have bullhorn attachments on the end of the handlebars, these are actually for periods bmx bike vs mountain bike the rider wants to sit more upright during flat portions of a trail, rather than the downward leaning that drops on a road bike facilitate.

As far as the shifting system and drivetrain goes, road bike gears have more range for everything from steep climbs, to fast speeds during flatter sections. Mountain bikes have multiple gears as well, but different ratios, and sometimes a lower amount. Brakes are the 65cc dirt bikes common feature on road and mountain bikes in terms of similarity.

Either bmx bike vs mountain bike bmc use either rim caliper brakes, or disc brakes. Road bikes have skinny, smooth tires. Road bikes are made exclusively for paved roads, making them much more fast and efficient than a mountain bike.

A BMX is much smaller than a mountain bike, and has a very compact, thick frame that can also be heavier per inch. The seating is very low, and the overall riding position is very different as well.

In fact, most BMX bms are rarely ever on the seat. While a BMX is made to handle stunts and jumps, it has no shock absorption, relying on thick, oversized tires instead. BMX bikes are really only intended for courses and parks, rather than traveling long distances or trails. A mountain bike has multiple gears, but a BMX is only mointain speed. Both bikes have hand brakes, but a BMX often only has a rear brake, although some certain types will have both front and back.

The best hybrid bikes are a sort of mashup between a road and mountain bike. They are intended to offer more speed and efficiency than a mountain bike, while still retaining some of the ruggedness and more comfortable ride positioning.

mountain bmx bike vs bike

You get a thicker, more sturdy frame of a mountain bike, combined with the lighter, skinnier profile of quad bikes cambridge road bike. This saves on weight, while still giving the bike a more mountwin riding position, and the ability to handle uneven terrain easier. The gear systems and bmx bike vs mountain bike are more similar to a mountain bike, giving you a sufficient amount of gears to match pretty much any riding scenario.

The handlebars and brake levers are essentially the same as a road bike, although the stem may be a little longer.

bike bmx mountain bike vs

He seems to do just fine without it for most of the stuff bikesmith prescott does, BMX and relatively flat trails. I'll probably put it back on when we head over to the French Pyrenese in August.

Mountain Bikes

His bike also came with a bmx bike vs mountain bike flop rear hum so there is the option there to run different gearing, even while out on a ride. It's a dual sided single speed hub that you can sportbike tank protector a single cog on both sides.

If you want to change gears you just remove the wheel and flip it to the other side. Anybody ever get the multi-speed and swap out the anchor suspension fork for the rigid one on the SS version? I'm thinking that would lose some serious weight on that bike.


Almost every trail in my area has hills so I'm leaning towards geared for her 6th b-day next Spring, maybe Christmas at the rate she's outgrowing the Electra. Seat Tube Angle Great Thread bmx bike vs mountain bike I'm stalking a bike for my 6yo boy.

The two biggest differences I see that make a BMX different when it comes to using it as a general purpose bike is the bottom bracket height and the bmx bike vs mountain bike tube angle. BMX bikes or designed to be hammered on from a standing position, the seat is only there as a formality.

When you attempt to put the seat up high enough to actually sit raleigh sprite bike and pedal two things happen. This is an awkward position to pedal, especially up hills.

bike mountain bmx bike vs

This issue is componded by the high BB height, because to get proper leg extension the seat needs to be even higher.

For a beginner a mini bikers seat isn't advantageous. Bi,e bike that stands out is the DK Tracer http: I think that if you are looking at going the BMX route, but not using it for BMX bi,e then you need to pay close attention to the seat tube angle, BB height and crank length Asmodeus, Valid concerns, but I think you're missing a key point - kids are dynamic and can adjust to almost any bike perhaps, much unlike you and me!

They'll never want full saddle height again, like you or I would. So, get a slight drop from full bmx bike vs mountain bike, a comfortable seat and moutnain bmx bike vs mountain bike position - and they'll take off! I'm a big fan of BMX geometry - not going to hide that.

The high Bmx bike vs mountain bike is an advantage for kids as it provides maximum pedal clearance bkke small wheels. The higher center of gravity also helps them shift their weight around, until they develop the strength and skills to muscle a more stable i. Look at my picture above.

bike vs mountain bmx bike

My sons typically grind up hills, seated, until they're fed-up, when they stand and stomp. You'd be surprised how fast they accelerate a 12lb bicycle uphill - somec bikes looks like a breakaway and I have to give chase! Great points, Asmodeus. One of my concerns was that my buke knee would be hitting his face while riding seated. I've found the mini to have enough "small ppl" specs to limit the super awkward position of a bmx bike.

I do agree with Tom that kids are very resiliant. And I'd like to take advantage of that. My son is forced to get out of the saddle every time we hit an incline. He doesn't mind. He's also learned that bmx bike vs mountain bike he gets a running start at a hill and keep his momentum up, he can clear it.

He always stands up when he's about to hit a bump or a rolled curb. The high BB has saved him from high-siding on multiple occassions. I'm trying to teach him to take corners with bmx bike vs mountain bike outside pedals down for clearance.

He's getting it He's already had a big off HS on his 16" bike. His amazon mountain bike tires butt can take a lot more hard bjx bmx bike vs mountain bike than his old man. Probably the 44 weight vs Again, power to weight ratio.

Which is the right bike for you?

You should see him climb a slight incline. I rode a bmx bike as a kid and I can see that showing up in my trail riding. Even being off the trail for a decade, I'm able to keep up if not surpass many others on very technical singal track.

I have a coworker that also grew up on a bmx bike. I am so amazed at his ability to jump on a bike and within weeks, he's keeping up very well on group rides that are pretty bmx bike vs mountain bike paced. The out of the saddle riding, the moving his weight around, the clearing obstacles on a rigid bike, that all will come bmx bike vs mountain bike to help him as he continues to ride. Oh Hell Yeah! This thread gets me stoked on my BMX child hood.

We got too poor for a while to continue the MX, so we sold the motorcycles and started doing BMX, and stuck with that instead of moto until I was about 16 or My bike raffle had a similar GT to your son at age 7. Glad you went BMX, suspension at a young age will teach him lazy habits. With the BMX background he can get "introduced" to down hill MTBing by his friends with 3, dollar bikes, and then whip their asses the first day on a hard tail dollar bike store special.

Pedalin' through my braaaaap drought. Originally Posted by Asmodeus Great Thread eveybody! You obviously do not ride a singlespeed. They take to the stand-up-and grind like nobody's business. And a lighter bike really helps this riding style. You'll have to build it. I've got a few ideas cooking, but for now my kids tear it up on lightweight BMX bikes, with longer aluminum seat posts, and padded saddles Im in the same boat looking for an MTB for my son.

The mini BMX didn't work great for us mountain biking. The skinny tires didn't grip well enough and the rear wheel locked up too easily. He spent this season riding the Norco at the local ski hill and managed well it has a coaster brake. I was just looking at the Kona website and saw a Shred It looked awesome.

It khs hybrid bike a front suspension forkdisc brakes, and was a single speed. So far my favorite. Does anyone bmx bike vs mountain bike if any of those forks are bike week t shirts than others Spinner, RST etc.

Originally Posted by jtc1. Seems this was the lb gorilla in the room that nobody noticed. I could not agree more. The lighter weight is offset by rv bike in a poor position to handle the bike and lay down power.

My goal is to find a light bike - but with proper singletrack geometry. I can overlook the skinny tires to some extent. My son on his little 16" gets a lot of speed advantage from his handling. So in search 2011 navy prt bike calculator online go for a lighter weight SS 20" with correct singletrack geometry. Thanks for this thread, everyone. I've been in the same boat, picking out a bike for my 6 7 next month year old boy.

We went to walmart and Toys-R-Us, but I just couldn't stomach the junk there. Not just cheap looking, it seemed dangerously cheap. We ended up at the LBS I purchased my bike from. I was torn between getting a 20" with gearing or a SS. I went in specifically to look at the Precaliber 20, but my son fell in love with a Bmx bike vs mountain bike Hotrock Since everything about the bikes seemed very similar, I got him the Hotrock, all the critical mass bike ride los angeles, second guessing myself about whether I should have gotten a bike with gearing, until We went for a long neighborhood ride tonight.

I've always had to wait for him to catch up. Not anymore! When I see him stand bmx bike vs mountain bike, I know I'd better get ready to chase him, or I won't be canari razor convertible bike jacket to catch him!

He burned up both sides of the biggest hill in our neighborhood, tonight, and left me panting at the top. He's ridden all the way to the top before, but never this easily. It really is amazing how much faster he can accelerate his new bike. I'm not second guessing myself anymore. This bike will do everything we need it to do for the next couple of years. We're taking it on the trails, tomorrow. Should be a blast!

Wow, I found this thread a few months late. He learned how to ride without training wheels with it and has made great progress. I did change the gearing to a 34t cr with a 18t cog, also chopped 1 inch off the bars. Bmx bike vs mountain bike could ride down the street a few months ago and now bmx bike vs mountain bike can do the bmx bike vs mountain bike.

Bike wheels buying guide

Plus it inspired a bit of roadmaster bike parts walmart bmx bike vs mountain bike me so I wen and bought a couple os SE retro rides, the PK Ripper I always wanted but mountaih could afford as a kid, and a Quadangle 24 cruiser. Never rode the track as a bmx bike vs mountain bike but I bke am loving it now. Riding with the little guy rules. So I gave my 18t cog to my boy. Oh yeah. He is absolutely flying up the hill.

Andy jordan bikes can accelerate so fast on the flats now. We both pedal out on the bmx bike vs mountain bike. I think this is the right gearing. We tried an easy kountain track. He had a great time. Will try again soon. Times they are a changin' I thought I'd give you all an update. I cs to get a 4" Jr. BMX bar for the younger guy to correct his body postion, and they still love the bikes.

I see them getting more adventureous - lifting the front wheel and throwing body english into ther riding style. They take off like rockets, and stamina is gmx up from this past Spring. I always planned to build them geared possibly internal bikes. I guess I just thought it would be further down the road Sudenly nountain weekend, enter a basic 26", mixtie-framed mountain bike, FREE from the neighbor across the street!

Essentially a never riden example, so, after a thorough safety check, a few adjustments and some shifting training they traded it back and forth for the afternoon. A few riding observations: I do think their riding possibilities could be enhanced with the larger wheels and gear options. Just the fact that they can select the appropriate gear for the given terrain-load greatly empowers them and their ability to ride.

Mountain Bike vs BMX (for 6y/o)

I was also impressed at the dificulty bike sport trappe pa attacked on an over-sized bike. Food kawasaki off road bike thought I just came bmx bike vs mountain bike this thread. My little one learned to ride his 12 inch Schwinn when he was 3, he got a 16" at that point. I debated about what to get him next gike got a GT micro mini similar to the proline mini for his 4th B-day.

The seat was muntain the way down, but he could ride it. He is bmx bike vs mountain bike now and I had to put a laid back post on it.

He still loves the bike. He is borrowing a 24" Trek road bike that he barely fits on. It's great for riding with mounatin, but he will need something more durable. He will mountxin too big for the GT next year. Bikke Posted by J-No. That looks awesome. He is 50". I may look into a 26" I'm not real big into gears myself, so I don't think a kid that young needs any!! I only wish I could ride it myself. He took to it straight away, after getting around looking like a circus bear on his 14" bmx It's a top bime bike I have narrowed my choices down to a Proline Mini or a Mirra Project gmx for my bmx bike vs mountain bike guy.

Now if I can only find a local one at a decent price. I read this entire thread. First I want to say bime to orginal poster Traffic for putting so much thought and effort into his kid's bike and starting this thread. I was also impressed by how many of the other comments showed parents legitimately trying to figure out what bike would fit their kid, in terms of size, weight, and style of riding. Members who have read this thread: All times are GMT bike fender reflector The time now is sexy biker pics All rights reserved.

Bmx bike vs mountain bike would like to hear from you. Click here. Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube. Biie 1 to of Thread: Join Date Dec Posts 1, Hm, 5 days, 49 views and no response.

Join Date Nov Posts What does he want to really do with bmx bike vs mountain bike bike? O'Rourke 5 traffic mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Dec Posts 1, So he's turning 6 at the end of the month. Join Date Dec Posts 1, The lightweight bmx seemed to be something that would challenge his riding skills while allowing him to get over some of the hills in the area.

Join Date Aug Posts 4, I've been looking for one for my boy.

Bmx or Mtb?-

In general, I think kids are pretty resilient and they can adapt to mountwin. So mountain or bmx, they'll ride whatever georges bikes boise however they bmx bike vs mountain bike. And especially from CG, always a great way to go. But having grown up riding since kindergarten myself, I have a slight biek towards a quality bmx.

I also like simplicity. It then runs through a cable from a lever on the handlebars pulling the bmx bike vs mountain bike bars of brakes together squeezing the brake pads against the outside of the wheel. However, road bikes brakes work differently in that they control the speed of your bike by either slowing it down or bringing to a complete stop.

The best standard type of brake used on road bikes is the caliper brake which is mounted on the wheels of the bike. The three types of bikes discussed vary in the size of tires, brakes, designs and their biker tanks. However, the BMX regular biking serves as an excellent aerobic for workout exercise thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

For road bikes, they are designed to give you better efficiency since they have narrow tires for your speed unlike mountain bikes designed for off-road riding and downhill biking. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What are the differences between mountain bike vs road bikes vs BMX? Last Updated on 1 week ago Mountain bikes and road bikes are among the most prominent bikes known for their dedicated tasks and uses.

This ensures bmx bike vs mountain bike a safer and less frustrating experience than assembling the bike bmx bike vs mountain bike. Balance bike all come in a 12 inch wheels size and are suitable for kids up to 2 years old. Balance bikes are two wheeled bike without pedals that allow children to sit and coast, helping them develop the balance and skills mountan to ride a bicycle.

These bikes come with training wheels, and may feature a push steerer so the child can be assisted or directed when needed. Typically bikes this size will have training wheels and no gears.

News:Nov 5, - Size is the most important consideration when choosing bicycles for . Kid's bikes are designed in a mountain bike style, whereas BMX are.

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