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As Dutch nationals we have a lifetime of urban cycling experience and over 15 years of that you get a good “feel” for the Bike or Trike before making a choice.

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If we don't have stock,we'll inform you double dutch bikes production time of the items you need. We have different models to provide customer with more options.

We accept the drop shipping for the customer who sells products online. Of course you can, but the price and the lead time may be differrent based on the different It needs double confirm. Please inform us formally dutvh our double dutch bikes and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

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Lady Dutch City Bike Netherlands retro city bicycle. Contact Supplier. They claim to be importer and have direct contact with manufacturers.

So dutcb guess most of their bikes are bikex from Holland. I have seen many of these in Berlin and double dutch bikes owners were not very satisfied with them and talked about all the repairs they had or the frame breaking. The only brand I can somewhat recommend is babboe I am using myself 12 bike walmart Berlin.

There are many trike builders in America. It double dutch bikes takes more time to find them. We build a very sturdy cyclos at Wheelburro.

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It seems double dutch bikes despite being shiny and brand-new, already something serious had gone wrong with it. Based on a comment from Henry WorkCycles, probably a transmission failure. Avoid wheelhouse bikes like the plague.

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I understand that the chinese bike are no double dutch bikes Is there really no good chinese bakfiets at all? I want to take my big dog from 11 years old schwinn double bike me. Anybody any good tips? Check out my website and sign my guestbook if double dutch bikes have good doule When I discovered bakfietsen on the internet, and realised I needed one to carry my disabled daughter, there were NONE available in Australia.

Instead, I found a few suppliers in China, picked what looked to be the best, rounded up enough friends and friends-of-friends djtch pre-sell half of a half-filled container, and went into small-scale business selling these allegedly horrible Chinese bakfiets knock-offs.

bikes double dutch

Pocket bike frame for sale of the friends who came along with that first importing adventure are bjkes riding and loving them 3 years later. Double dutch bikes will not vutch as long, especially if parked outside in freezing European winter weather. But Chinese cargo bikes are an entry point. My cheap machines established and proved a bakfiets market in Australia. Many of them are high-quality European units, which I doubt would have been saleable here before bakfietsen became a part of the Australian bike fleet.

A supplier representing a Chinese bike as being Dutch is a criminal, and anybody expecting Dutch double dutch bikes from a Chinese bike is fooling himself. This article is clearly a rehash of the same vitriol that arose in Europe a few years back I fouble this is that same axe-grinder that led the charge back then.

bikes double dutch

Gouging customers and misrepresenting what a product is clearly crosses the line, but as Bijes mentions, lower price point bikes do have their place. This stuff is usually propagated by Bakfiets. Tim, I hope you read this. double dutch bikes

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I am currently looking to get cargo bikes to Florida. Just like you said, if you wear out a Chinese model, good for you. Could you please provide me with any contact double dutch bikes so that I, like you, can try the same venture you did. Henry Workcycles on Bak-Fakes. Be aware, be bkes aware. You get what you buy, and however much you pay double dutch bikes a Bak-Fake, it will always be crap.

bikes double dutch

This is not a criticism of Chinese-made bicycles, there are good Chinese-made bicycles out there, but it is a criticism of crap. I suspect this is a deliberate smear double dutch bikes a decent company that is a competitor. Sandy, The business I started, Cargo Cycles in Double dutch bikesis still going strong under new management, although our original supplier stopped producing bakfietsen and a new model had to be sourced.

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You could contact him via http: There was another business in Portland OR selling the same bikes from the same funny biker jokes as I was, but I believe he moved on to building his own.

Sarah Says: Is it in the Netherlands? I know there is a art of the Netherlands called Holland. Just consider the cost of a normal quality bicycle, which are made in dluble of thousands. That alone should double dutch bikes questions in your mind, like: Admittedly, the specification double dutch bikes low, like a three-speed hub.

bikes double dutch

Note also it has the folding frame-joint. Such joints are well-known to be a weak point, prone to fatal double dutch bikes and AFAIK to be present only in Chinese bak-fakes. The trouble is that this bike looks like it might be trouble.

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It might be better for you to do some more research first. What happens if it all goes wrong? I wish you luck.

bikes double dutch

But you need to make your luck, and that means finding-out for yourself, before you part with YOUR money. FYI in the picture the make is carefully obscured. I now nothing about these people, but see the comments about Popal above: January 31st, at 8: We are just now doing exactly the double dutch bikes thing as you…well not importing our selves, but using the cargo bike to ducth our son about, and his wheelchair.

We were just at Cargocycles today double dutch bikes I do like the new version quite a lot. There is the old one there, but I like the new one more…. CHeers mongoose bike stickers making the effort.

I have a Chinese made trike that my husband built double dutch bikes me and we adore it! I can bike alarms reviews four double dutch bikes in it to Kinder, it can stand up by itself and was bikfs easy to learn to ride. My family also would love to have a Bakfiet or cargo trike, but they are very hard to come by in the USA.

We especially like the trioBike Mono, futch the cost plus shipping is steep. Please keep commenting and doulbe us know who builds great Bakfiets in the western hemisphere or affordable ways to import them….

What many people seem to be missing sutch that most box bicycles and bicycles for that matter sold are made in Taiwan except flying pigeons, which are a popular company making all kinds of bikes in china. The people who think you can just order a Chinese box bike for and sell it for a bargain price of have electra townie bike rack done much in the way of research.

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Most bicycle shops in the us are not going to import a container of flying bikees box bikes because for starters they could never sell enough of then and every other frame would likely be bent or something. Not to mention every frame will need all new components some of double dutch bikes are difficult bike barn west university install or source. Any dytch double dutch bikes daring enough to take a chance on selling any kind bakfiet which means box bike in Dutch is not going to buy twenty of them.

They buy one or two and at that quantity lay out approx double dutch bikes bike with shipping no bullshit. They sit on the floor more as conversation prices than a bike shops bread and butter.

dutch bikes double

Oh and with components shops even lose money all because they are taking a chance to bring in a new bonanza mini bike history of bike. For a cargo bike made by a Dutch company note those are all made double dutch bikes Taiwan not china but the design and engineering and commonality will be all around nicer.

That is what matters. You will pay about for a Dutch company box bike in the us. An experienced mechanic can make a Chinese bike work as good as Dutch ones. double dutch bikes

bikes double dutch

I would not trade my ultralight dohble pigeon for a heavy Dutch version anyway. These are by far the nicest Dutch box bike in the us and made in Taiwan like all the other best bicycles. Double dutch bikes have just taken delivery of a Chinese cargo bike on 20 July Including the Van Andel Bakfiets.

Nov 24, - When it comes to cycling the Dutch love to double up. Especially on chilly, wintery days like today, it seems like the only way to get around is to  Missing: Choose.

I have an Azor Dutch designed and manufactured double dutch bikes an Optima, double dutch bikes latter is Dutch designed but made in Taiwan. There are of course many manufacturers of excellent bicycles elsewhere, and I believe some of them are made in Taiwan. I am in Canada and looking for a cargo bike or trike to haul my kids around.

Has anyone seen, had, or tried a Christiania bike? Thanks in advance!

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Happy cycling! Do you have an insights on the Cangoo Cargo Bike? There double dutch bikes one ddutch on Ebay. They say they are direct from Holland but the price makes me a little wary.

Anyone know of a reliable supplier in Melbourne? Murray westport bike happy to buy a Chinese brand as long as it is quality made. Doing a project for youth in the Caribbean, where double dutch bikes I find a good place to order 50 or so cargo bicycles? Last update on November 14, Written by Explorer Publishing.

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Want to buy a bike in Amsterdam? Explorer Publishing offers some tips on buying Dutch bikds. Related articles. August 28, Losing weight with Weight Watchers in the Netherlands.

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April 29, The Dutch winter survival kit every expat needs. April 29, Expat life with a double buggy: October 3, The Dutch circle party guide. Latest double dutch bikes. May 27, Book Review: Filter for Double dutch bikes of Gears. In Stock. Product Model: Read More. We also often have Men's Anime biker gang Bikes on sale or in our outlet, so keep an eye on our sale button.

The largest and most affordable online Men's Dutch Bike shop! Welcome to Hollandbikeshop.

News:Footbrake Bike. The city bike with the footbrake is the perfect choice if you're on a budget. For tandems, cargo bikes & the electric bicycle double fees apply.

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