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K2 has been making skis since , and snowboards shortly after the snowboard boom started. The company moved into the bike scene when it acquired mountain bike and respond with just a middle-finger salute instead of a full-on attack of road The Selle Italia Flite saddle continues to be a popular choice in the.

K2 Attack 1.0 Mountain Bike Review

Get a great deal with this pink bike grips auction for a mountain bike presented by Property Room on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. This bike has mountan been evaluated by a bicycle mechanic. Item may not have original parts, parts included may be damaged and non-functional. Parts may need to be adjusted, repaired or replaced. Some parts may be missing.

Assembly Required: Bikes picked up at Will-Call are fully assembled but bikes that are shipped will require k2 attack mountain bike assembly. Please carefully review our shipping and returns policy before committing to a k2 attack mountain bike.

SOLVED: Raise handlebar stem on a K2 Attack Mountain bike - Fixya

Shipping is only available within the US. Applicable sales tax may apply.

K2 Attack 3.0 Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle

From time to time, and at its sole discretion, PropertyRoom. All Auction Buy It Now.

attack bike k2 mountain

Best Match. Gallery View. Sakae Japan. Proflex K2 with smartshock. Raceface chuckster pedals. Shimano Deore DX made in Japan.

attack mountain bike k2

Shimano Deore DX pads mountain bike pedal cages in good cond. Manitou Black Adjustable Travel mm. This K2 is in excellent condition. Very minimal blemishes. It has been tuned up and is ready to go. Cloud 9 Ergot System. Check us out on Yelp at California Bike Pickers. This bike will make a great mountain bike with a cool and unique design.

Bike is in great k2 attack mountain bike Einfach zu installieren, verwenden Sie nur den Schluessel, um die Kappen auf den Reifenventilschaft setzen. Make an Offer. Make Offer k2 attack mountain bike Shop by Category. Type see all. Mountain Bike.

attack mountain bike k2

Road K2 attack mountain bike - Touring. Mountakn see all. Unisex Adult. Not Specified. Brand see all. K2 Filter Applied. Color see all. Frame Material see all. Suspension see all. Some more specs I gathered from the bike itself: Clamped around the frame, not secured into the frame with a pin or screw, or anything.

BI 2: What the hell did I buy? What could this model be identical to k2 attack mountain bike actual K2 line? Looks like Attack model to me. Is it old schwinn road bikes it?

I'm a total newb, provide me with some helpful insight, please. Attached Images k Last edited by aovsi; at All the info you need is in that other thread you found, check The Kids response. The 1.

Purchase This High Quality K2 Attack Mountain Bike " Frame Product Code: K2 ATTACK - IN FRAME. Shipping. Choose Shipping Method*.

Cheers, DP PS the breaks will start working good after a few gel seat cover for spinning bike downhills. Mounatin, Sports Authority you say Based on the price you report paying for your Crush, you can k2 attack mountain bike assured that in this transaction, you made out very well and TSA made very little, if any profit.

Large-format sporting goods retailers like TSA help us spread the word k2 attack mountain bike, yes, K2 indeed makes bikes. They are especially helpful in reaching consumers mounrain know the K2 brand name through skis, skates and snowboards - products that are also sold in the same retail channel. We do create Special Make Up models like the Crush to meet mountin needs, while ensuring relative price stability for the catalog models sold at our specialty bike retailers.

What we avoid is making special K2 Bike models for these retailers that fall below the quality level of our catalog models.

attack bike k2 mountain

The level of bicycle assembly quality at sporting goods stores is somewhat of an "X" factor. I've dealt with some well-trained and informed bike techs at TSA stores who I'd gladly refer my family and friends to.

Of course, as SuperbMan notes, your mileage may vary to the other extreme at times. Your long-term satisfaction with any new bike will be greater if you bring it to a trusted mechanic for what the bike industry calls a "30 day tune-up.

A good mechanic will adjust for these factors, and check to make sure that there were k2 attack mountain bike problems during the initial assembly that weren't obvious until the bike was ridden a few times. The Sports Authority should have offered you this "30 day tune-up" at no extra charge when you bought the bike. If they didn't, atyack if you're not convinced that their techs' expertise is adequate, then be ready to spend a muntain of the money you saved at the initial purchase with a specialty bicycle retailer on this service.

They won't necessarily be happy that you bought a bike from TSA, but the best k2 attack mountain bike shops dirt bike rear brake lever take the opportunity to prove to you how valuable the service and advice they provide can be. Happy Riding, T. Malone K2 Bike. Originally Posted by thekid. Originally Posted by SuperbMan.

An outside company--you think there's some 'company' that goes around a builds bikes for big box sporting goods stores??? What they do I know because while working in a bike shop I've been asked to do it -is get local mechanics to vike off hours and put together bikes and yeah it is usually after hours the pay k2 attack mountain bike generally piecemeal--and they figure it on building bikes an hourwhich, to do it right xttack dang near impossible and it ends up being less then you would imagine.

Most of the better mechanics don't waste their time-but the few that do are generally shop kids k2 attack mountain bike learning the trade --if they do at all. Yeah they out source the work--but not to biker hair accessories 'bike mechanic assembly company' like such a thing exists!

attack bike k2 mountain

Now the one exception that I've found to this is EMS-who actually builds full service bike shops and staff it with qualified mechanics and usually a manager who has a legitimate bike credentials often a retired ex-bike store proprietor I've found. However-as you might expect--they don't carry the department store lines-but the acual serious equipment products and they stay withing the corporate price controls on those products the one's in my region carry K2 and Rocky Mountain--prices are generally similar to bike shops but EMS does tend to have a larger stock of discounted past year models and closeouts.

Scott contessa bike imagine REI has a similar set up. If you get nude biker chick pics about this fine sport--do yourself a favor, honestly, start a relationship with a good local bike shop and get your mechanical work, advivce there.

Starting with-I'd forgo the 'free' tune up at Sports authority heck you saved enough money on your purchase and find out where the better local shop k2 attack mountain bike and kick them the 30 bucks for the full tune up.

A word to the wise-- if the 'knowledgeable' salesman openly admits they haven't the on-site skills to assemble the bike you bought--who k2 attack mountain bike heck is doing the tune-up? Oh-I'm not anti-Sports Authority et al btw--Just bought a nice new easton Bat k2 attack mountain bike for my son, got myself some shorts and new running shoes. Can't beat those places for stuff like that--of course, all those products require is stocking and display.

Good luck. Last edited by SuperbMan; at Enjoy the ride I have a K2 3. I have jumped and ridden this thing as hard as I could I have a all k2 attack mountain bike bike with a k2 attack mountain bike rlc You scored a really good deal I also own a specialized hardrock pro hardtail. It is not a full suspension and it weighs about 7 pounds more ebay bike tires my K2 electra 16 inch bike costs the same as your bike.

Ride the hell out of it. Bottom line hell of a deal. Last edited by doug4sail; at Hey I just was at sports authority and bought some roller blades and was checking out that same bike!!! I live in Chicago area myself and want to pickup a new bike I have a Trek and it doesn't have suspension and I have been wanting to get something suspension. K2 attack mountain bike going to search for sports authority coupons but I think I'm going to pickup this bike myself.

bike k2 attack mountain

I'm 5'8 but I think I would like the Large frame I don't like bikes that are cramped. Anyway Attackk new to the mountain bike scene but ride pro motocross so 2 wheels are in my blood.

RARE 19" K2 Attack 1.0 Replacement Suspension Bike Main Front Triangle Frame

Anyway let me know if you like that bike and about that coupon because I really think I want that bike! Drop me some details! K2 attack mountain bike good to hear you got out on the trails. New Bikes go through a break in period where the cables stretch a bit that is most likely the problem with the front derailer. It can happen you should hike able sportbike trailer adjust that at the Handle bar adjust knob.

I have a friend interested in mountsin bike for his son so I went and looked devou park mountain bike trails it at S A. I was very impressed with the weight and the price. Fairly light considering the heavy front and back shock. Way lighter than my Specialized Hardrock Sport which is a hardtail with disc brakes I estimate the K2 to be 5 to 8 pounds lighter.

K2 attack mountain bike shocks seem to work well minor stiction in the front jeep comanche bike price the rear seem to rebound smoothly. The stiction in the front will go away however for now just use some tri flow from your lbs. I read in a magazine you need to break in your pads on your disk breaks by riding down k2 attack mountain bike good sized hill about 15 times and you should be good.

bike k2 attack mountain

I did this with my Magura Hydros and they have great stopping power now. When I first started they had no stopping power.

I am recomending this bike to my friend. It is a incredible buy. At dollars I dont think there is a better FS for the Money. When things wear out or you want to upgrade this frame is worth upgrading. Check out frame prices for Jamis. Same frame electric dirt bike conversion name, you k2 attack mountain bike be surprised how expensive they can be.

I'd tend to agree with k2 attack mountain bike notes about taking that bike to a LBS for a full rebuild. I've piddled on bikes in the Big Box stores as bikers, who doesn't?

mountain k2 bike attack

The brakes on yours dont' work well? I like to know that when I hit the brake levers, I stop! I have 3 K2 steeds in the barn and REI always treats me right. EMS and REI are outdoor stores k2 attack mountain bike folks working for them who have a passion about the sports they participate in. I've never been in an EMS where everyone k2 attack mountain bike the store was not active in some woodsy sport -- climbing, mtn biking, paddling, hiking, etc.

TSA tends to have average joes and janes just looking for their paycheck and don't excercise at all, much less spend hours on end each week doing it. Definitely, go enjoy the bike. But please understand that the recommendations to have someone at a shop look it over are only for your safety and well being and we want you to enjoy the sport as much as we do. If you have a bad experience with this bike, you will not enjoy the sport of cycling in general novara bike pants will end up steering clear of it.

Atttack k2 attack mountain bike these words mountakn caution. My hope is that you are as responsible as you seem and if you are, then you'll fall head over heels in love with mtn biking! Bik price Last edited by rwliu; at K2 attack mountain bike Posted by rwliu Oh, I get the persistence of this thread now-it's clever spam. You didn't rain on my parade, Aovsi. I paid The exclusion is for the K2 skies and snowboards, I didn't read that part about can't combine special offers.

I just don't want it to turn into one of those arguing the burning man bike lights points of coupon application threads. I found this thread initially because I've never heard of the K2 Crush before and wanted to know more before I buy it. I'd like to thank Aovsi for starting this tread.

attack bike k2 mountain

K2 Crush coupon debate settled Hi Guys, I am older j2 biker and in the last few years my back has been giving me fits on my hardtail bike. I was hoping rear suspension would solve the back problem, but I didn't want to spend a fortune in the event I hated the extra weight of Gike full suspension and the rear end attzck when climbing.

I didn't k2 attack mountain bike anything about the brand or model so I googled it and found dg bmx bike k2 attack mountain bike. I then read Aovsi's post 3 weeks ago and have been waiting for the Crush to go on sale. Guess what? Final price: After I have had a chance to ride it in the mountainous park I live near, I will let you know what I think of it.

attack bike k2 mountain

Jeff Alvinson. StreetRacing XtC. But be prepared to spend some time tuning these bikes But nevertheless, an awesome deal.

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Damn, I'm thinking about getting another one of these. Last edited by rockHopper09; at Everything felt real good for about 2 hours.

attack mountain bike k2

The front and fear aftack was working well and the shifting and brakes were good. Then all of the sudden the left crank arm fell k2 attack mountain bike the ground while I was pedaling.

Luckily, I found the crank bolt, but unfortunately I didn't have an 8mm hex head allen wrench to tighten it back on.

bike mountain k2 attack

I was in the middle of nowhere, so I had to walk a couple miles back to the car. My suggestion for anyone about to buy one of these Orange Crushes ggg: Remove both crank bolts. Clean off any grease on the bolts with sport bike turn signals and also clean inside the crank threads with alcohol and let dry. K2 attack mountain bike apply blue medium strength loctite thread locking compoundor permatex blue medium strength threadlocker on the bolt threads and tighten those bolts really tight.

Let the thread compound dry 24 hours before riding it. Also check all the other bolts on the k2 attack mountain bike for looseness. I should have checked all the bolts and used thread compound on the cranks before the first ride, but it was an unbearable F here this past weekend, so I just threw the bike in the car and headed for the cooler weather of Lake Tahoe. I even forgot to bring adequate tools. Our bikes are basically identical, except I wish I'd have gotten the K2 Crush for the rear suspension.

I bought the Ironhorse Quantum from sports authority, and I'm kinda regretting it only because it's a hardtail. I was so torn between getting the Quantum or the Crush. At the time of buying the bike, I didnt really have any intentions of airdyne bike calories burned going mountain biking, which is why I swung away from the K2, I figured why get rear suspension if I'm not actually going to need it.

Boy, do I ever need it now. I've taken up mountain biking and I go almost every morning for a ride on the trails. I definitely will not be buying my next bike from anywhere else but a real bike shop. I love the Iron Horse though, k2 attack mountain bike a great starter bike, but having said that, the next bike I buy will certainly be from an actual bike shop. Every time I go to sports authority I still gravitate over toward the K2, its k2 attack mountain bike very nice looking bike.

Help Me Decide (K2 Attack , IH Warrior , IH Sachem ) - Bike Forums

I love the color. I just took it up Palmer Trail today and had a blast. Shocks worked good and it shifted well. Nike takes some time to fix the original assembly though, just like everyone else has said. I think if I had k2 attack mountain bike do it fairdale bikes for sale again I would take the advice of ,ountain one person and rolling rock bike an actual bike shop tear it down and rebuild it.

Well not necessarily. I mean you basically have a fully functional decent bike. Of course its no Heckler, but its got full suspension, disc brakes, a saddle, a frame, and two tires haha. Im still really contemplating going back and picking one up myself, but the one thing k2 attack mountain bike me back is Im saving so I can k2 attack mountain bike a real mtn bike next season.

I decided not to though. Took it out to the trails and it rides great I've been reading and reading and trying to assure myself that after a long break in period, they will have better stopping power.

My right crank bolt also came loose and almost came off but fortunately i had the right size hex wrench to tighten it.

News:Purchase This High Quality K2 Attack Mountain Bike " Frame Product Code: K2 ATTACK - IN FRAME. Shipping. Choose Shipping Method*.

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