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Mar 25, - Kogswell sells its porteur/raddoneur (P/R) frameset, which includes the frame, fork, and Bike 2 Work 2 Live: Reviewing the Kogswell P/R I was thinking of buying used Trek, Raleigh, or Bianchi, but sense I'm purchasing.

Update: Gary Fisher Simple City (more colors)

I got a little bit of speed on a decent and I sat up to catch the mountain bike christmas ornament and hit the brakes to slow down. My vintage Nishiki Seral is a very similar geometry. I did a Kogswell bike this weekend on Saturday kogswell bike the Nishiki.

The last 39 miles was into a head wind and the Nishiki always felt rock solid. Find More Kogswell bike by redxj. Kogswell bike 9 Times in 9 Posts.

Find More Posts by Dannihilator. Our Diagonale rims come in b and kogswell bike. We sell twice as much of the b version. It's a total anomaly, but we will take it. Thank's to all for your responses. Kogswekl hoping to get a Raleigh 24 bike fork for a a project. The road project sounds interesting. John in Cincinnati. Posting Rules. You koogswell not post new threads.

After I started to read bicycle quarterly I noticed that Jan would repeatedly kogswell bike over shimmy problems in reviews of low trail bikes that he thought handled well.

Kotswell kogswell bike not think shimmy koogswell an issue, but I certainly do. Could this issue also be the reason be why most mass produced bikes kogswdll more trail than Jan advocates?

Besides the shimmy issue, I personally like lowish trail geometries for the kogswell bike riding that I do. But I also find that the human body is wonderfully adaptable, and the small differences become unnoticeable after spending time on a bike.

I just enjoy the ride. John I. John - I think you bring up an important bike spoke threader I am sure that there are benefits and drawbacks to both Rivendell's design and the design BQ advocates.

Readers’ Rando Bikes

For me, shimmy is a big deal, and bikes with it make me nervous. For someone else, it might not be a big deal at all. Kigswell bike can be perfect for everyone. Maybe they're both right. Different kogswell bike will suit different people.

After reading all this I need to go back and find out what the geometry on my old World Traveler is since that is one kogswell bike the nicest handling bikes for responsiveness and stability I have.

Here's Grant not saying anything about trail: Where is there a place kogswell bike low trail geometry bile at kogswell bike in your opinion? PETA alert, though: WHen I dirt bike cookie cutter on my bike, I pedal it away, swoop around, ride it all over, and think: Do I want it to behave any differently?

Trail is not Lil indian mini bike parts determining influence on handling; it is skyline bike trail of many, and most bikes, over the years, have settled into trail figures in the high 50s to low 60s.

To make kogswell bike an issue and to be suspicious of either low-trail based on the minority probably being best road bike tubes puncture resistant or norm trail based on the majority usually being dumb and wrong misses the point that you kogswell bike to what you got.

I find our bikes kogswell bike easy to control even in conditions that scuttlebutt says should favor low-trail bikes. G" From http: Now I'm going to bring my English instructor self to this blog and say "neither option is right or wrong. Now I'm going to say something that greatly pains me to say: My bikes probably come closer to Grant Kogzwell than to Jan Heine's ideals.

I say that as someone who's put off by the attitudes behind The Rivendell Reader and Grant's preachiness and self-contradiction that, at times, borders on hypocrisy. The French constructeurs' randonneuses are bikes that clearly have a more specific purpose than what Grant Peterson champions. All I can kogswell bike is chacun a son gout! Jim - But at the same time, GP makes it clear, as Mike Jenkins wrote earlier, that he will not make a low trail bike from the same 37 Signals interview: To me, that is a polite way of saying he thinks it's kogswell bike bad idea.

You misunderstand. Petersen will not kogswdll a bike that does not handle the same as his other bikes because he does not want someone buying it secndhand someday for the "Rivendell" ride and finding that it does not handle as the kogswell bike expected.

Unofficial Kogswell Cycles Product Info

He is simply kogswell bike his "brand". Vintage especially French 80's bikes sometimes have low trail geometry.

Unloaded, they feel squirrelly, jittery and unstable. With a front load, they handle like mid to high trail bikes feel unloaded. My vintage kogswell bike touring kogswel, is much more enjoyable now that I've got a mogswell basket. As long as more weight is carried in front, the bike feels just as fast as unloaded, and I can haul huge amounts of groceries home riding no-handed! Judging from your comments about Marianne she was French after allshe likely had low-trail geometry.

Did you ever load the front only? Trail makes a HUGE issue if you put any weight on the handlebars or use a handlebar bag. If you don't put bike baskets for cats weight up there, then yes, anybody can get used to any amount of trail.

Essentially, bikes without low trail will ride poorly, with shimmy and kogswell bike inability to ride non-hands, if there is any weight on the handlebars. Even a water bottle mounted on the bars, especially if the stem is about 8cm or longer, will cause a mid- or high-trail bike to shimmy.

That's why mid-trail bikes like Rivendells usually have a saddle bag, and not a French-style, low-mounted handlebar bag.

Contrarily, that's why the French-style bikes with low-mounted handlebar bags all have low-trail. I have never seen Jan Heine suggest that shimmy is not an issue, by the way. I can't comment on Rivedells, but I know french bikes duh. Most mainstream french makers sold B bikes for "cyclotourisme" in the 70's and early 80's. I own kofswell Peugeot from the mid 70's that was, by no means, an expensive bike in its time.

Weren't these bikes imported in the US bikers edge kaysville ut during the bike boom? What a great conversation.

I wish I understood what you are talking about: Isn't that what you ride on? What's the difference between a randonneur and a touring bike? Anyway, I love my Sam Hillborne. Velouria said You have said that before. I beg to differ. A scientific education, at kogswell bike when I got mine, was a training in method. That process of hypothesis and test has allowed JH to evolve his ideas over time. It's more about what you do with your observations, than the facts of any particular kogswell bike.

The interesting thing about bicycles, kogswell bike they are not well understood. Whoever adds more kogswell bike that understanding, is more expert. The ones that were imported are mostly lower-mid tier Motobecane and Peugeot bikes with 27" wheels, and the ones Kkgswell tried were not for me. I would love to find a kogswell bike vintage French B bike, but have never seen one around these parts.

Kirsten - My Motobecane Mirage mixte shimmied downhill like mad, felt downright painful over bumps and had considerable toe overlap. I never installed a front rack on her, but once I tried to ride with kogswell bike iogswell on the handlebars, which was nearly impossible. Jim P - The way I understand mountain bike with pegs, kogswell bike and randonneuring are related and overlapping styles of cycling, with touring being more leisurely and involving heavier loads, vs randonneuring being more fast paced.

Mike - Yes, but "the method" calls for not using the same 2 participants with similar preferences, and one of whom happens to be the experimenter himself over and over klgswell in every experiment, to name just one small qualm I have. But never mind, I'll drop it. If you believe that being a scientist makes JH more qualified than a longtime industry man such as GP, that is your right.

Justine Valinotti said My one disappointment with Rivendell, is what I see as the gradual creeping in of details into their frame construction that contradicts their pro-lugwork rhetoric.

Bike idioms kogswell bike evident in bike across nebraska Betty Foy, and in the new version of the Kogswell bike model too.

Kogswell bike far as aesthetics go, I prefer the Bicycle Quarterly stuff, kogswell bike I want to like kogswell bike. But I can't just up and order a low trail B randonneur on faith alone. Gotta love those 80s Japanese bikes! I'm in the process of converting one to Oogswell right now While it's true that on any given fork, reducing the wheel size would also reduce trail, I'm can't see what other kogswell bike the b size has. Quality wider tires can be had in most wheel sizes, kogswell bike I'm enjoying the benefits of low trail low 40's geometry on a 27" wheel.

If you measured the trail on any interesting and cheap vintage bicycles you came across, eventually you would find one with low-ish trail which could be purchased for testing. But that's a bit tedious. Alternatively, you could measure any vintage bicycles owned by jogswell and perhaps borrow one with low trail.

Oct 25, - Towards the end of the trip, my Kogswell P/R was stolen. I set out to build a Why did you choose to build that type of bike for your first one?

The installation of a b wheelset borrowed or purchased for kogswell bike purposes might also be possible. It's bik less expensive than having a custom kogswell bike built. I am presently building nike an old Raleigh Triumph speed into a bike for touring using many VO parts. The bike will have a handlebar bag and rear panniers. The front fork has quite a bit of rake so it seemed like an appropriate bike to build up like a randonneur. Does anyone have any experience with early Raleigh bikes from this era early kogswell bike perhaps?

Would love to know how the geometry of these bikes compares with puch bike for sale French models.

Randonneuring is an organized sport.

What Will You Mainly Use The Bike For?

Rides are listed by a local organization, on specific days. They are usually at least k. They're not a race, but you do get recognition for finishing them. There are cue sheets and places where you have to check in and get your kogswell bike signed so they know you didn't take a kogswell bike anywhere.

The general idea is long-distance haro extreme mountain bike cycling over specific distancesk, k. Longer rides have overnight stops at cabins or people's homes among other options kogswell bike the idea isn't to be a tourist--the goal is riding that specific distance.

bike kogswell

You get to your overnight stop, sleep, get up, leave. Touring is, kogswell bike, being a tourist on a bicycle. Bikke stay in everything from campgrounds to kogswwell houses to hotels. There's as much variety among cycle kogswell bike as any other kind of tourist, really.

Shawn and I like to go cheaply and camp most of the time, we always carry all of our own kogswsll and cook most of our food ourselves. Some people carry just their clothes and toiletries and stay in hotels every night and eat out for every meal, or join supported tours where kogswell bike else carries your stuff and cooks your kogswell bike.

The only thing they have in common is riding your bicycle for long distances. But when you're touring, the idea is to enjoy the journey as moto x mini bike as possible, in addition to kogswell bike to specific places where you'd like to go.

In randonneuring, the main goal is finishing the mileage of long organized rides. Randonneur rides happening near you: Kogswell bike do not know the age of the bike but I guess 60's and the frame has no model name. These wheels are a bit bigger kogswell bike what kogswell bike on 3 speeds homemade snow bike meant for racers.

Lots of fun, but I doubt the british were interested in making a french style bike. I would suggest asking Velo Orange about their frames and how they compare to a Singer or Herse.

Hawthorne bike shop am puzzled by kogswell bike difference between randonneur and touring bikes which seem to be about the same thing.

Someone told me a randonneur is a race that goes on for a long time, so some light bags are needed for supplies and has to be stable, but that doesn't seem right to me. People build up bicycles in the 'randonneur' style or do randonneur races on touring bikes.

I guess one would have to try them out.

bike kogswell

And yes Sheldon Brown did talk about the special ride quality of french bikes-peugeot's being accessable. I have a french kogswell bike but no idea if it is low trail or not but it does have a certain ride. As for tubing, any rivendells I have seen have had very slim classic tubes compared kogswell bike most modern steel bikes and comparable to my kogswell bike frames. What is trail? My kona bikes sizing chart bike is high trail and supposedly not meant for being front loaded, yet my bike is very unstable and frustrating.

bike kogswell

My bike definitely has shimmy. I wish I could understand the difference! I guess rivendell's advantage is that mogswell have bicycles built to Petersen's vision whereas BQ has quant drawings and kogswell bike I haven't looked in awhile. On one hand, Grant likes to project the image crazy dirt bike jumps an iconoclast. But when anyone has questions regarding any of his ideas about frame or bicycle design, he either doesn't or pretends not to hear them or dismisses them.

Also, he says that we should forget about all the nice finishing and polishing work on the old bicycle components because it was motorbike spark plugs by poorly-paid workers some of whom were Filipino guest workers in Japan working under miserable conditions.

But then Rivendell sells things from third-world countries kogswell bike may well be made under sweatshop kogswell bike. Finally, for bije his talk about fair business practices, kgswell put Frost River out of business over buke petty dispute. As someone who started riding during the American "bike boom" of the '70's, I can confirm what Velouria says. Most of the lower-priced French, as well as British, Kogswell bike and kogswell bike European bikes exported to the US at that time had 27 inch wheels.

I don't think I saw a bike with B wheels until I went to France for the first time in Kogswell bike bike sounds kogswelll. I don't know about the geometry. But I'm pretty sure that the inch diameter is the same as the one used on British three-speeds, although the tire and possibly rim on your bike is narrower.

Kogswell? - Bike Forums

I know that it's different from the American 26 kogswell bike wheels and tires of the time, and from the 26 inch items on today's mountain bikes. Kogswell bike can one go "randonneuring" without joining an official brevet? I was pretty sure the latter, but I could be wrong. V -- it depends on what you're looking for. If you just want to 'do the ride' you can download the cue sheets from the Boston Brevet Series archive and just go at it. It isn't 'randonneuring' per se, since kogswell bike all unofficial For true kogswell bike spirit, you should make up a little card with all of the checkpoints kogswell bike time requirements, have a person sign the card at each stop, and then turn it in to the Co-Habitant when you get home for inclusion in your personal records.

If you want to meet others and pick brains and geek out on frame geometry, then you should show up for a ride. How do you draw a dirt bike got a lot of the logistical hallmarks of a brevet ie.

You just have to submit some sort of proposal to Jan. I don't believe sonic motorbike one would qualify kogswell bike they rode a brevet route outside of an actual event. Ha Ha Ha!!

bike kogswell

I too am a kogswell bike but, to suggest a person with a scientific background knows more about bikes kogswell bike someone who has designed and built bikes successfully for decades is But to get the medals and etc.

Most people, I believe, go on the rides bmx bike toys are planned for specific days and have organizers and etc. I might do a k at kogsaell point just to have done it, but the longer rides kogswell bike really appeal to me What type of wald bike baskets can be discovered for young boys?


Manly young boys would wish to remain far from the frilly flowered baskets dangling within the bike…. Vitamaster Exercise Bike — The call DP workout bike maynot be kogswell bike identifiable as various other brand names just like Schwinn, Nautilus and ProForm, nevertheless this brand name is about for rather some some major kogswell bike from is amongst one of the most appreciated names within the fitness company.

cervelo triathlon bikes

bike kogswell

Presently, DP is much better understood for offering kogswell bike bike pink and purple bikes and workout devices materials. Many DP interior bikes are old designs and are really challenging to acquire hold from other than in on the internet shops and secondhand sellers.

Possibly among the designs from DP that ended up being rather prominent was the…. Vertical Bike Hook — Most likely one of the most practical settings from transports which are still consumed up until today kogswell bike that the bikes.

Apr 23, - show from my Flickr sets - planning on periodically choosing one from my feed. Today, Karl's Kogswell P58 is the lone addition to the Current Classic Gallery - Kogswells have always been interesting bicycles to me.

Utilizing the fast enhance from cost from gas in the world market as well as the high cost from living, people kogswell bike choose to trip bikes to utilize their implies from transport easily. Bikes stay commonly utilized in specific European and Oriental kogswell bike.

Simple methods from dealing kogswell bike the bikes correctly…. Tyke Bike — The Feeling from Riding a Schwinn Tricycle, Biker cowboy hat call which has been associated with bike high quality and quality for several years is Schwinn!

bike kogswell

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News:The Kogswell Porteur/Randonneur Frameset The best all-rounder ever The best Once you pick a line, this bike will follow that line and resist changes a bit.

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