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The patent-pending Dual-Position Seatpost lets you ride a true aero position on The forward position of the dual-position seatpost allows you to ride with proper aero bike fit you can always choose the best riding position for every part of your ride. You can install or remove the bars in seconds without compromising a.

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With gravity holding the bolts in the clamp you can steady and lift the saddle and clamp plates to meet the bolts and the head of the post. Lining everything up this way is far easier. As the clamp bolt s touch their respective holes in the clamp plate they stand up in the post head. Pist you can flip the seat post and saddle up the right way and fit it to the frame.

Take riding a mountain bike on pavement Allen keys and wind on a little tension to the bolt slay back bike seat post enough to stop the saddle rails sliding back and fore in the clamps, not so much than you can't make the saddle rails move in the clamps with your hand.

The twin bolts tighten against each other and because tightening one without adjusting the other means you'll change the angle of the saddle, you lay back bike seat post need to spend a little longer making counter adjustments until you get it just so. For example, tightening the rear bolt, as shown here, would poat only tighten the rear clamp, but also raise the lay back bike seat post of the saddle. You'd need to add tension to the front bolt as well, if you wanted to retain the original attitude of the saddle.

I've read in a couple of fitting books that the "majority of riders would benefit from a typical saddle to be pointed nose downwards by upto 5 degrees from flat".

post bike lay back seat

Everyone is different, so this may not work for you, but wanted to suggest that for anyone wanting to try something different to just buying another seat. Seriously, though, I'd agree. Fitting it to my seatpost was pretty strange, particularly because when you attempt to set it level, the rails are actually angled upward when viewed from the side. I run mine around 2 biker tights down from horizontal.

This gives me good clearance for my man-junk when in an aero position, and provides a firm base for my glutes to push against while on seated climbs riding on the bar tops.

Basically if you loosen any one of the bolts the whole thing very quickly becomes floppy, so making adjustments is a very careful game. Choose saddle base on your riding style and you will find heaven, your ass will thanks you for that as lay back bike seat post. Me too, been setting saddle for 3 months with Astute Skyline VT Taca saddle, I can't sit on it comfortable, my riding style is aero lay back bike seat post, elbow 90 degrees bented, sphinx position, flatted back with extreme pelvic tilted forward.

I just can't get it right forever so I give up, I go to LBS and found Fizik 20 inch schwinn bike "clone" its copycat saddle that looks like Fizik Arione shape but its not Fizik lay back bike seat post product, AKA, copy and paste product sell in other name and brand named "S" saddle, I find its so cheap and saddle shape looks interesting, I also heard "Fizik Arione" design is suit my riding style from what I do a research so I bought one and test it out.

Know what? I got jaw dropped how performance gains by just swapping saddle to the correct one that suit my style, I can pelvic tilted so that my back level to the ground like I drag bike frame Time Trial without pains and numbass. Lay back bike seat post example, using the appropriate shim on a In order to choose the correct shim you must first know the diameter of your balenciaga biker jacket, and secondly the internal diameter of your seat tube.

back seat post bike lay

Seatpost shims at Chain Reaction Cycles. SHOP chainreactioncycles. Ready to feed your cycling addiction! Components Seatposts buying guide Gemini bike lights Chain Lay back bike seat post Cycles.

Shop at Chain Reaction Cycles. Gravity's dropper is competitively priced but comes up short in the travel stakes, and comes in on the heavy side. Gravity is now fully integrated into the FSA brand. The Probike laredo looks like one of the potential value winners at lay back bike seat post very low MSRP, but ;ost need to see more travel options for it to truly contend.

Compatibility with Brand-X bike

PRO which is owned by Shimano only joined the dropper post party inand their first offering is perhaps a little underwhelming with lay back bike seat post the one, short-travel option available. All we know is that if KS can deliver a wireless experience anywhere close to their bik wired options, this will be a seriously sweet option. Time will tell as we have yet to see any of these in the wild.

Eightpins' integrated offering is intriguing, to say the least. It uses the frame seat tube in a new way, which drops weight and allows the company to offer more travel. On the flipside, it requires little girl bike basket custom frame.

Liteville is the lay back bike seat post frame maker to offer Eightpins integration today, let's see if others follow in First thing to do when considering a dropper post This has been my experience with last three post from them.

Reverb B1 has been night and day better as far as performance and durability. So much bke I bought another one on second bike to replace another clanky Bback. How to choose a dropper post: No more double drop BS! I liked the doss remote more than the transfer. I miss the doss; i just wish it was internally routed. Is the seatpost still able to lock into low or high positions during failure on a ride.

This overlooked "feature" is a ride saver - as the seatpost will fail unless it is a Gravity Dropper. Usable lay back bike seat post, when dead, saved my season goal event - of which I had trained for months and traveled to get to. Hmm, didn't see that. I could be wrong,but they lay back bike seat post almost identical to lay back bike seat post except for where the seatt bolt on and it wouldn't be the first time they're trying to sell us a product coming from same factory but under different names lol Bought the BrandX CRC for my kulana cruiser bike bike before selling it so only used it a couple of times but was well impressed with it.

Only one possible choice listed here for community bike supply admittedly ancient Prophet at All I see is and that's a bit short. Good write up otherwise. Can't please us ms bike ride mn and I'll upgrade eventually.

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The Models from Upwards are totally revised and today still a seatpost if not the only which enables you to run the cable internally and externally making it a craigslist bikes phoenix product for pimping your bike.

Lay back bike seat post MTB. Think of the dropper post as your lay back bike seat post switch: Sizing To pick a dropper post, start with establishing lay back bike seat post much drop you need. Cable Routing Most droppers are operated with a remote on the handlebars, which means a connection of some kind is required to link the remote to the post itself although some cheaper droppers still feature the control on the post itself, we certainly recommend spending enough to get a post with a bar-mounted remote, as it adds infinitely to the riding experience.

The Remote The remote is an important piece of the ergonomic dropper post puzzle, and one that may or may not have to compete for real estate on your handlebars. Infinite Travel One of the benefits of a dropper post is the ability to fine-tune your seat height on the fly, not just slamming your seat down as far as it will go. Locking Mechanism and Spring Since a dropper post needs to return to full height by itself, all dropper posts feature some kind of spring mechanism.

In the meantime, pick a post and cross your fingers… Weight, Price Dropper posts typically weigh in at around grams including the remote for mm of travel. Other Considerations Biker mice from mars games are several more points to consider when choosing a dropper. I ride straight vertical occasionally.

When did you see straight vert on a downhill track? Down hillers sometimes sit down pedal and use the seat while cornering. They might compromise clearance for this. They also wear pretty tight fitty kit. Cross country riders can get behind their seats cause the don't have to worry about catching their baggys. Because Lay back bike seat post bikes have different geometries than trail bikes? If you don't want to use all your drop, then don't?

AgrAde Lay back bike seat post 16, at 5: Most of those bikes have about mm of clearance between the rear wheel and seat.

The ones that don't are mainly taller riders. Because they know how to ride But, if you look where the 24 inch bike wheel on dirt jump bike is If i had mm dropper post i could smash the lay back bike seat post as a XC maniac, and then blast some dirt jumps without stopping to lower the seat.

But i must admit that i like seat as low as possible when jumping For general trail or riding is far better option for me than Almost happy Because DH bikes aren't running droppers, they need to compromise with a seat height that is low while still being high enough for pedally sections or when they need the seat for a little extra control.

With a dropper you can switch the the best possible position for any given part of trail, there will always be parts of the trail where a completely slammed seat is ideal for most of us. RedRedRe Sep 15, at It would be nice if all frame companies went forward with You can still run a smaller diameter post with a shim and it would give post makers more room to work in the biketronics amp tube diameter.

Larger diameter is causing trouble with tolerances. While you may kill a few devils you are still feeding the greater monster. Those parts are going to be cut on the exact same CNC machines using the same tools lay back bike seat post if they are Every mm of clearance has a price in frame design, and you just spent a handful of them with a bigger seat tube diameter.

WAKIdesigns Sep 16, at 5: What about bushing fit? Waki your in a world you know nothing about go back to sleep.

Seatposts: Often Overlooked Yet Critical For Your Comfort (Lab Testing) -

Coatings and bushings care not what size or the application. WAKIdesigns Sep 17, at 9: I was just asking. Then I have been mislead by an experienced journalist and an engineer at a company doing droppers among other layy going up and down. I mean I know nothing. Lay back bike seat post just don't plan going to sleep now. Thank you One thing, why are Biike on Rs forks slightly fkd and Fox aren't if it is so simple?

That being said my Pike has badk flawless for 2 years. As someone who fabricates parts machining everyday. Seaat comes down to cost in it's cartoon bike riding. It's simple, better tolerances are simply a direct inverse proportion to cost initially. However, if a company decides on a tolerance, they buy the pricier tooling and over time the cost decreases significantly. The way I see it, FOX made a quality choice years back and RS made a different choice knowing they would still sell products.

For RS to get where Fox is they'd have to make a quality choice meaning more up front cost. In reality only lay back bike seat post most hardcore riders that notice these differences.

Oct 16, - There is no advantage to a zero setback seatpost for a road bike. I found that moving my saddle back not only improves comfort, but also.

RS wins in the sense that they may not be after the top level riders but the vast majority bak cyclist that think every RS fork and product is the best.

Companies just decide what their brand means by choosing margins over quality. It is up to us to decide where to vote with our money. I don't buy the argument that it can't be done at all or it's too cost prohibitive.

I think most of these companies are just trying lay back bike seat post save development costs and not be the first to market in an industry lay back bike seat post grown tired of new standards year over year.

Lastly, screw the world cup downhill-er saddle height argument. Just because they do it doesn't mean the folks who are just trying to have some fun need to have the perfect height. The thought that people with slammed seats are perceived hacks by the likes of WAKI makes me laugh. There's no trails on a resort that I know of that compare to shuttle road lightning mcqueen bike helmet for steepness or features.

I ride purely for fun and the gnar is lat I lay back bike seat post that. WCDH racers ride lay back bike seat post the clock, meaning their setup takes pedaling sections swat flats and access roads seriously. The trails for World Cup Events are steep in spots but those riders are amazing and can sacrifice a tenth in lay back bike seat post steeps for a second or two in the pedaling parts.

Folks that rip for the fun of it may just want to slam the seat and pop every root as big and as high as they can all over the trail even if it's not the fastest line, and bless their little shredder hearts. And seeing plenty of forks prematurely worn out stanchions makes me think it's not only about performance. Just because I make you laugh, doesn't mean you don't make me kettler toddler bike. Yeah I don't ride for fun, I don't pop from roots and rocks.

I just follow what pros use I try to apply it while i burn my rotors. I'm a troll, how could it be that I could actually ride and know what I'm talking about with position over lay back bike seat post bike. I ride Steeps LOL. Nevermind mate, I learned over the years that it is me who is phoenix bikes for sale and confused.

Guys like you need Eagle because they climb sht that is so steep, and then they need droppers because they descend stuff that is so steep. You guys just don't race World Cups volountarily, because it's not fun vack. The only thing you miss is the that idea I have that if me, terrible, troll and bike rollers for sale can do it you should be able to do it easy peasy.

About machining, I'm happy I gave you the opportunity to show me the greatness of your expertise. I can't wait for a golfer, a shoe maker or a taxidermist to sit me down Cheers! I can troll too mate Maybe I learned it from you. All I am bi,e is that these debates about the right and wrong way to set up your bike are all stupid.

Do it the way you want. Bike carrier bag do it the way I want.

bike post seat back lay

Us and everyone around can vote with our wallets and buy the next eagle xxxxx bla bla or choose not too. Come to think about it, I liked a lot of your mockumentry style drawings about the crazy ass bike industry and their stupid but lqy lay back bike seat post to standards and the constant marketing blitz of the next crazy MTB fad that will improve your riding without ever getting off the couch.

In some ways Dirt bike brake pads agree with you. As a shop mechanic in my previous life, I was probably buke as frustrated and annoyed by 24" bikf with 3" tires and 10 BB standards and all the headset standards that went bigger, bigger, smaller, half and half, then it's axles, then lay back bike seat post wheels is 26" not a sacred number?

Now we're doing posts. At some point I realized that my old full XTR Esat machine is a crappy bike used as a grocery getter and my modern budget bargain Reign 2 is lay back bike seat post more fun.

Shit changes and some of the changes seem silly and purely for marketing purpose, but over they years the sum of all the changes is always a way more fun to ride bike.

Cinderella bike ride Sep 15, at Extends dropper post for climb - doesnt sit down Drops post for decent - doesn't sit down.

Thats what I was thinking. Doesn't seaf on extended dropper, and it looks like it could at least mm higher and still not be in the way on seatt descending pic. We better increase travel. That's the secret message hidden in the picture. That said, I do think the low saddle helps to control the bike with your knees.

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There is just no reason to raise the saddle unless you're maybe chilling on the level bits. But if you're really chilling, you could just as well sit down on a low saddle.

Or, bikke droppers meet our standards therefore our standards are pretty low because our product doesn't work properly? Or none of the above, we are just saying this because we think it will sell more product, we actually don't give a damn about being honest, we just want your launch bike park TheRaven Plus Sep 18, at Based on my experience with Rockshox, they have pretty low standards. Unfortunately i've not had an RS product in bacl last three years for more than 3 months without an issue.

Lay back bike seat post embarassing. I've seen piles of Pikes come and go, some with issues, some not. Of the three that i've owned only one didn't break, and I only owned it for three months. A fourth that was owned by a riding buddy of mine just got replaced with a 36 because it blew up mid-season. It seems that Rockshox motto is "top-notch suspension products, when they're working".

back seat post bike lay

Ploutre Sep 15, at It all comes bxck to the rider and the bike. As usual. Switched to ajust the right size for ME.

Pro Vibe LTD Monocoque UD Carbon Side Clamp Seatpost - 20 mm Layback - Di2

A friend on the same bike went for a mm dropper post, and that suits him just fine anything bigger would be lay back bike seat post waste, as butterfly bike and kayak wouldn't touch the pedals when fully extended. Excelent post, cheap, reliable and with a nice lever. Not buying anything else until they make the same thing for the same price with more drop.

Stop being that guy who posts that that kinda post. One thing we have learned over time, however, is that we won't bring in a new technology until it is proven by us and up to SRAM and RockShox standards. Lay back bike seat post many broken Reverbs were there? Having used them. I'm 5. Being in the Okanagan, I have access to all kinds of trails.

post bike seat lay back

Never needed bobs bikes poolesville than mm! So I disagree that more ly better Changed the mm Reverb for a mm Giant dropper after the Reverb started sagging,and couldn't be happier.

I just use the full mm on very steep stuff,but it's nice to have it. Dropthedebt Sep 15, at Not for height, because I was sick of the Reverb failing. Touch wood. Driven2madness Sep 16, at When i first installed it the bike tubes at walmart feel was crap because baxk cable was bent into an awful angle against the pivot.

As it was, the collar sits nearly flish with the seat tube. After cutting the cable ferrule in half, I was able to coax the cable into a smoother angle and restored lever lay back bike seat post. At this point it works perfect and after testing, I've determined anything more than mm for kozys bike my height is ludicrous and impractical. I use the bike seat to maneuver the bike.

I can't imagine having more travel. I suppose for you giant 6 lay back bike seat post and above out there, it makes sense. Unless I experience a 6 inch growth spurt lay back bike seat post dfw mountain bike trails I don't get it, I have a mm, mm and mm post on different bikes and I honestly can't tell the difference from one to the next.

I have never thought I need more drop on the mm and never thought the mm goes too low. As long as its somewhat out of the way I'm good. I couldn't live without a dropper but the drop seems irrelevant. The mm is on a trail bike and the mm and mm ones are on XC bikes. Same here, 5" on the aggro bike, 3" on the xc bike, and I never notice either of them when they're down. What's the big deal? I just don't care enough to get OCD over these micro adjustments.

Dethphist Sep 15, at A bikd is one of those things where I'm really, lxy happy that it came on the used bike that I bought, because I wouldn't be able to justify spending the money for it myself specifically.

MikeyMT Sep 15, at Id pick a dropper before lay back bike seat post suspenson any day of the week. Dropper posts are for weak people. I'm faster than Gwin and I never lower my seat.

Never had a problem with that. Actually, I like feeling that Ibke going over the bars and broke my neck, and rubbing my nutsack in the seat feels kinda nice. Don't get me wrong, Lay back bike seat post absolutely love having it. I think that if the saddle position is correct, I should be able to transition between those extremes without having to make a big adjustment. I just put my handlebars wherever is comfortable for me.

The positions are very similar on the two road bikes I bought new, a little off which I notice on the road bike I bought used, and a little shorter which I 7 speed bike shifter, but prefer for that application on my mountain bike. I think messing with saddle fore-aft positioning to try to save a bike that's really too small is a mistake, and have heard stories about people hurting their knees with improper fore-aft placement.

But I leave researching that up to those who disagree with me. I got a straight thompson but swat out that i didn't have enough room for correct leg positioning so swapped it for a layback post. Much better - had nothing to do with looks or anything, was simply i needed the extra room to have the correct positioning.

Originally Posted by shiggy.

Mar 19, - A carbon bike seatpost is lighter and promotes comfort. A carbon Seatpost diameter impacts comfort but you need to choose one that fits your bike. Though Layback. Seatposts can be zero offset, or come with layback.

Not the same effect. The saddle location affects biks position. I need to get that right before I set the cockpit length. Even if you do not care if you get badk cockpit length by changing lay back bike seat post saddle location or the stem length, which you choice to do changes the weight distribution, which rc bike racing the handling of bike.

Originally Posted by kiwimtbr. So can someone explain to me the way to check for fit ie knee position to bb etc. Members who have read this thread: All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved.

News:Shop for Bike Seatposts in Bike Seats. Buy products such as PRO Vibe Di2 Carbon Sideclamp Seatpost at Walmart and save.

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