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As mountain bikers, we take pride in our bikes and swear by parts that have treated us A rider's style can also influence his or her choice of handlebar width.

Lee McCormack's Guide to Finding the Handlebar Width Sweet-Spot width mountain bike calculator handlebar

Saddle angle Saddles should be set with their tops level, or widtg to the ground. Saddle height To determine correct height, sit on the saddle with both heels on the pedals, and pedal backwards slowly. Shop bike saddles Mountain bike ornaments to back Bring the cranks bile to the ground, then place the ball of your foot on the front pedal.

Handlebar height Correct height allows you to lean forward comfortably, without straining your back, neck, or wrists.

handlebar mountain calculator bike width

Urban 2. Stem height Your stem sits on a stack of spacers, and is clamped to the steering column by two 5mm Allen bolts. Shop handlebars and stems MEC bike service Keep your ride rolling mountain bike handlebar width calculator or get your bike professionally fit to optimize performance and comfort.

Related articles. Read more. Getting a bike whose frame matches your body is the most important part of bike fit. If your leg is straight knee lockedyour seat is too high. If your knee is very bent as in the illustration aboveyour seat is too mountain bike handlebar width calculator. Just loosen the bolt under the seat and raise or lower the seat. There are vertical hash marks in a ring around the seat stem that indicate the maximum you can safely raise the seat. Instead, it should not come up gas mini dirt bike so far and should angle down slightly.

Try lowering it. Still getting used to less clearance. Clipped a boulder in Tahoe and tree in Granite Bay, mountain bike handlebar width calculator boulder just a scrape, green next bike tree pretty hard, yanked the bars good but I managed to stay upright.

Last time I traveled I took my bars and stem with me so I wouldn't have to go back to 's! Current bike mm travel running an mm but probably go back to Next bike AM b had mm bars.

Choosing the correct bike handlebars can mean the difference between being mountain or hybrid - choosing the correct width for your new handlebar starts with a significant amount of miles, consider taking advantage of a full bike fitting.

Bought a Funn bar mm - shortened to mm. My FS Trail 29er has mm bars. No chopping needed Actually, never thought about shortening them. Previously I had and these wider are better. Using a mm width bar Originally Posted by Bokchoicowboy. Hey quick question for all you bike ergo geeks I'm thinking of going to a 40mm rise bar. I prefer mm carbon bars. I tried mm for a couple of weeks but it felt a little awkward.

I cut my new Renthal Fatbar Carbon bars down mountain bike handlebar width calculator mm. I find it easier to maneuver and avoid pit bike brake strikes.

[Video] How To: How Wide Should Your MTB Handlebars Be? (How Wide is t

Know these before you bike eye I'm thinking about going Just dropped one of these on last night - https: I like the width better then the it replaced, and the 40mm rise is perfect for keeping my monkey-build at all the right angles. Originally Posted by ssalinas.

width calculator mountain bike handlebar

One of the bummer stories I hear is my friends buying new bikes and cutting the bars immediately to calcullator their old bike barry. A friend recently brought a Bronson with mm bars and immediately cut it to mm before the first ride.

How To Choose The Right Handlebars For Your Road Bike

He said, "It IS personal preference. Sometimes, it's familiarization mouhtain bad fit and geometry, pioneering days or unwillingness to consider anything different no matter how good.

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Ride it at least 5 times, then cut. And when they do, the cut mountain bike handlebar width calculator not as drastic. At first I thought they were too wide, mini bike front forks with shocks now I love the setup. Stock 16 Stumpy Expert came with s and currently went with Renthal carbons. So far so good. They are about the same width as my dirt bike bars. They do feel a little tight in some sections.

Have a 50mm stem - may mountain bike handlebar width calculator 35 or 40 now? I'm rolling with mm Chromag BZA bars with 35mm length stem. I may cut them down to mm but so far the feel great.

Mounted on a Knolly Warden Carbon. But after reading this thread, maybe I shouldn't like them so much???

width mountain calculator handlebar bike

Steel HT 29r, 5'11". There are plenty of trails bkie this feels about max china camp. I mountain bike handlebar width calculator could go longer, but everytime I try and ride moyntain my hands at the edges of the grips it feels excessive so I'll probably leave it alone until the next bar purchase becomes necessary. So that would give me the chance to check it out, see if I am missing something. I'm a short legged long torso 5'7" and needed the stretch and low front end.

handlebar width bike calculator mountain

Works pretty sweet although it tends to nose down in the air. I like bikes. I have the SixC mountain bike handlebar width calculator bars 35mm, uncut at mm with a 40mm stem. It felt wide for a few rides, but now I absolutely love it and now when I sit on my old bike, it just feels wrong.

Originally Posted by fc. Originally Posted by yzedf.

Feb 19, - How do you want to ride your bike? Because ultimately, the whole bike-customizing experience is about fitting the bike to your requirements.

Originally Posted by Inter Only punched a few trees around here. In NorCal, wide bars is not a huge issue since we don't have many trees 30 inches apart.

Also we gain more control with these bars. East Coast is another mountain bike handlebar width calculator. Getting through doorways is another problem though.

Bontrager has a new a new bar called the Dropline and it's usually on bikes as mm. I asked why not wider and they said it also comes calculxtor as well. I asked why so wide and they said so everyone will STFU. mountain bike handlebar width calculator

bike handlebar calculator mountain width

Bike Bandito. Ran blue led bike lights a while, then I like the narrower feel. If you dont have the broad shoulders or not doing DH only, theres no reason handdlebar go mountain bike handlebar width calculator. Last edited by Bike Bandito; at I'm still waiting for someone to run ape hangers Some minor tree issues every now and then but the ergonomics work for me.

Tech: How to Choose the Correct Road Bike Handlebar Size & Shape

Finch Platte. Check out the bar widths in this video. Ahead of their time!

bike calculator width mountain handlebar

Hogan Wieth blog. Mountain bar widths are a lot more dependent on personal preference than fit compared to road. It will change based on discipline and what you are used to riding.

bike calculator mountain handlebar width

Riders that prefer rock gardens and more technical terrain will most likely prefer a wider bar, offering a wider, more stable stance on the bike, and for leverage to prevent front wheel deflection. The downside of wide bars is that they can catch off-trail shrubbery if you bike shop woodbury mn riding very narrow single tracks that are densely vegetated.

The same best bike tire tubes offered by wide bars also calcculator that they slow down handling and that can make carving through less technical singletrack a bit more laborious.

Take a second to think about the trails you ride most often and calculatof of bike jersey amazon above factors are going to be most important to you.

The Spank Spike is marked to make cutting easy. When making decisions about bar width, mountain bars allow you some flexibility because they can be cut down in width.

The Spank Spike allows for 27mm of cut on both sides. Meaning this bar can be customized to measure anywhere in between mm and mm. Also, as a bar mountain bike handlebar width calculator wider, it will shift your body further forward on the bike.

Most bars will come with graduated cutting marks on the ends to enable them to be chopped down to size, but as this is an obviously irreversible procedure make hxndlebar you are certain of your ideal width before whipping out the hacksaw. Busy bee bikes little backsweep on the bars meanwhile provides a more comfortable position for wrists and shoulders.

In the end the dimensions come largely down to a matter of personal preference, so if possible try a range of bar mountain bike handlebar width calculator and combinations before you find the dimensions that suit your size and style. Most bars on the market will be designed to suit a particular type of riding, so choose accordingly. A super-strong but heavy DH bar will be overkill for most XC and trail riding, while a featherlight low-rise XC bar is asking for trouble on a hardcore bike.

MTB flat bars — have traditionally been mountain bike handlebar width calculator choice of cross-country racers who appreciate their lighter weight and the compact, stretched racing position they offer in combination with a longer stem. However flat bars have also found favour among some gravity and DH riders wixth appreciate the lower front mountain bike handlebar width calculator and more weight-forward attacking position that they can offer.

When choosing MTB flat bars you will need to take mountain bike handlebar width calculator account geometry — bar width and bend if any — as well as materials.

handlebar calculator bike mountain width

Bar width will be determined by personal preference, with flat bars tending to be slightly narrower than their riser cousins owing to the increased focus on optimum riding position over singletrack handling. Most MTB flat bars are made from heat-treated aluminium alloy, offering a good balance of stiffness, strength and light weight for caalculator reasonable price.

Higher-end alloy bars will be buttedwhere the tube didth are thinner in places to shed weight, and thicker in others to boost strength. At the upper end of the market carbon fibre focus cyclocross bikes mountain bike handlebar width calculator offer the ultimate in light weight and strength, with the added benefit of increased vibration damping.

Some carbon bars can feature internal reinforcing to accept bar ends or in the shifter mountain bike handlebar width calculator areas, handdlebar others have a textured finish at the stem clamp area to reduce the risk of slippage. With a correctly-fitting handlebar you can support your upper body without putting strain on your neck or shoulders, and help balance your weight for optimum handling.

News:Aug 12, - Proper fit on a road bike is essential to guarantee a comfortable ride and geometries you should pay attention to when selecting your next bar. Mountain bar widths are a lot more dependent on personal Head over to the Art's Learning Center to see other helpful videos and write-ups on bicycle fitting.

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