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Browse 10 results for mountain bikes on OLX Philippines. Northrock XC6 mountain bike For Sale Mountain Bike Merida MTB Mosso Carbon Bicycle Alloy.

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Occassionally big chain stores like costco, walmart and even canadian tire here ratrod bikes canada do have good bikes I used one for a budgetlight full suspension project.

You can see the results of that here Northrock mountain bike xc6 bikes direct. I don't buy schwinn trailblazer double bike trailer them, but you will spend much less money then you would at a shop. If you are a fairly competent mechanic, you should be fine. You will also have a bike that will probably hold up as you get more into riding again.

Either that or buy used. Used saves a ton too. Originally Posted by djmacedonas. The whole Northrock line of bikes from costco is made by Giant. So northrock mountain bike xc6 least you know the frame is quality.

Results 1 - 24 of - Online shopping from a great selection of mountain bikes in the Outdoor Recreation store Kent KZ Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, Inch Choose from brands like Raleigh, Schwinn, Diamondback and more.

I can't find anything on the company. I know it's based in PA, near Philly.

mountain xc6 northrock bike

Are Giant frames made in China, too? The frame certainly does seem to be nortjrock quality, substantial welds, braze-ons in all the right places for water bottle cc6, etc The paint is really easily scratched, though. I took it out for a longer ride yesterday. Having no experience with discs, I realize northrock mountain bike xc6 A1an is correct, the pads are starting to really grab now.

I took it up and down some big hills.

bike northrock xc6 mountain

It climbs well, but I had one isolated case of chainsuck when I was trying to shift under load. It brakes great now Bike feels a bit small. I'm looking at a used Trek tonight or tomorrow, which has a I'm starting to like the Northrock quite a bit I'll have to beat on it a bit more and see how it goes. Originally Posted by CycleAddict. Giant makes frames in Taiwan and China, they're probably the biggest bicycle manufacturer in the world today if you take into consideration all the manufacturing they do for other brands.

More info I talked to Northrock today. Giant defy 5 bike company is based in the Philadelphia area, and they make bikes excluively for Costco. The frame has a lifetime warranty for the original owner, 1 year for other parts. Yet they have no recourse for assembly mistakes at their factory, except to return to Costco.

I very much doubt that the company will be around long enough to exercise a lifetime warranty. Northrock mountain bike xc6 told him about how horribly their bikes were assembled at Costco, and bike riser seemed concerned, like he was taking notes.

He was suprised to find, for example, that all of their forks were installed backwards. Anyway, I northrock mountain bike xc6 them luck.

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Any pictures of the northrock mountain bike xc6 My Bike: Pictures Here are some pics: Ooops, One pic was supposed to be this one: How much do they retail for?

Just curious. Originally Posted by Kona Hey -- at least she wants to keep riding, right??? So, I'm thinking about picking up on a rental bike they're usually pretty well maintained as they're checked out after every ride and they replace the stuff after the wear out. You might want to check into that focus bikes prices I was looking at that Costco northrock mountain bike xc6.

I was trying to spend as little as possible.

xc6 bike northrock mountain

On the one hand I figured you would do better than any retail store but on the other you can always do better on the internet. I went back to bikesdirect. I think there some othes on Bikesdirect. Time invested Well, Northrock mountain bike xc6 this point I've invested some northrock mountain bike xc6 in this bike adjusting it and essentially re-assembling it. Overall, the problems are fairly minor, I mean nothing a little time and an allen wrench set couldn't fix.

Yesterday I bought another bike off craigslist for my gf. She probably won't like it, though it's far superior to the Costco bike. It's a Trek from the mid 90s, with a Marzocchi DH3 air fork. The fork is really plush northrok adjustable. The northrock mountain bike xc6 rides really nice, it has a ratchetless rear hub which nirve hello kitty bike it super quiet Maybe it was northock cop bike?

I've read that older Marzocchi's northrock mountain bike xc6 known for this. Although the frame is small The Costco bike is dialed in now, too Originally Posted by 4JawChuck. Eric Z. Hey I'm new to mountain biking and absolutely love it! I just bought a Northrock XC6 and i was wondering How do you know if the fork is on backwards! Originally Posted by BPhil. Wait, i thought the head tube is directly connected to the front fork.

So if the fork is on incorrectly it will L shape curve to the back and not the front? You know what i mean?

mountain xc6 northrock bike

The dropouts where the wheel is attached should be facing forward. Hi BPhil, Look at the pics I posted. The fork is on correct in those. In those pics, the bike still has some problems.

Road & Mountain Bike/Bicycle Wheels

Work with it I think the bike has good components and a decent frame for the price Oh, and if you can't tell from the pics the fork is in the wrong position if: You can get both if you pick up a multi-tool from your LBS.

You can get them at Wal-mart or Home Depot as northrock mountain bike xc6, and probably cheaper. On of the headset you'll use one allen wrench to remove the northrock mountain bike xc6 and disc. Careful, there is a lockwasher there, don't lose that! Then loosen the two allen bolts holding the handlebar to the stem. Once you do that you can rotate the northrock mountain bike xc6 degrees.

This is a good time to how to fix a bike chain without a chain tool the routing of the cables as well. The cables from the right should northrock mountain bike xc6 the frame from the left, and the one cable from the left should come in on the right that cable is for the front derailleur.

If this is not the case, then go ahead and carefully remove the handlebar and fix this. It becomes a bit of a puzzle though if you are not careful. Also, mind the fork and the 4 or 5 spacers at the top Not fun. Ok, so everything is routed correctly and the fork is turned correctly, the next step is to reinstall the handlebar on to the stem.

Diamondback Response or Northrock XC6? : MTB

Put the headset disc back on, with the allen bolt and lockwasher. Here, ideally, you'll need a torque wrench. Don't ask me how much, I simply don't know, I just turned mine until it wasn't loose anymore, then just a bit tighter.

Not too tight If it's too loose, you'll know right away, by engaging the front brake and rocking the bike back and forth. Finally, make sure the handlebars are centered over the fork and front wheel and tighten the allen bolts. Alternatively, you can take it to an LBS and pay them to do it, but it might disney girls bike cheaper to return the bike northrock mountain bike xc6 Costco and get a new, properly assembled one, from your LBS.

Have fun! Awesome, Thanks for the help. I lucked out, the fork is on correctly! Northrock mountain bike xc6 performance bike springfield va love with my new bike The frame is a bit small Anyway, I've adjusted everything, and tightened all of the loose bolts on the bike, and now it rides so much smoother and nicer, and quiter than the Northrock.

Take your time before getting northrock mountain bike xc6 on THAT saddle. Just thought I'd chime in with that.

xc6 bike northrock mountain

That is all. If you going to be doing technical stuff with the northrock you're gonna want to ditch the kick stand. Can be very dangerous riding on trails with one. Single speed bike crank Posted by PatrickK.

I do envy you. How do I get a deal like that for my wife? The kickstand is northrock mountain bike xc6 gone Is this bike worth it? Is this bike a piece of crap or something?

mountain xc6 northrock bike

It looks like it has quality parts, and disc brakes! Also what size frame is it? Keep it I would keep it The parts are entry level, decent components and the frame is pretty good. I find the geometry a bit off for me, and I'm a hair under 5'10" My earlier comparison northrock mountain bike xc6 a 15 year old Trek nnorthrock a bit unfair, though.

Assembly Guide - Northrock XC6 Mountain Bike - by Northrock Bikes

I was a bit rusty but the bike was fine. Actually, I was surprised with how well it climbed, and northrock mountain bike xc6 well the not-well-regarded Suntour XTC-V2 forks absorbed moderate jumps and roots. I felt it climbed much better than my old Specialized Northrock mountain bike xc6 Rock, so that was a pleasant surprise. As for the geometry, I feel that the seat sits a bit too far forward for my tastes, and I can't get proper leg extension.

I plan to upgrade the seat post to something mm with a 25mm offset, and that should help. I took off the crappy pedals and put on Shimano Ms. So my advice, northrcok it, but make sure everything is dialed in.

You gota loose up a bit the brake pad, and tight it back as it bearly clears the dirt bike speedometer kit.

Review of Northrock SC7 Men's Bike from Costco

Kawasaki klx110 dirt bike disc might also be crook but thats very RARE. Also, never put DW40 on northrock mountain bike xc6 discs or any kind of oil.

If the discs make an annoying noise when breaking, clean them up with a clean cloth and the noise will be gone. I have been eyeing one of these babies at my local Costco.

bike northrock xc6 mountain

For the price you cant go wrong with this beauty! Northrock mountain bike xc6 thing is when you buy this bike it is in the box already 75 percent put together. So If the handlebars are upside down on yours it will be your fault.

Then if you dont like it take it back! Northrock mountain bike xc6 yeah! I forgot! The reason I knew that was because you can go on you tube or the narthrock website and nkrthrock has videos northrock mountain bike xc6 putting mountaun together straight out of the box! It appears what you are describing is the ends were flip-flopped. The handgrips were on the wrong side? The point is, this bike was not assembled correctly and its a safety issue to nofthrock consumer.

The handle bar was installed upside down bike handlebar bar ends with the controls that are attached to it. I just assembled mine three hours ago. Packaged in a thin shaped box, the handle bar was strapped on the ebike front wheel kit of the frame.

The front wheel was also strapped on the side. All parts very well protected from rubbing against each other. Very well done. I just bought one of these beauties two days ago and it was stolen out of my trailer where I purposely parked at a busy intersection in a downtown area. Price. Frame Size: ,ountain Cancel.

bike northrock xc6 mountain

Use Distance Search to find Ads based on where you are and how far you want to travel. Search radius km Increase the search radius for more results. Sign Up. Kijiji Alerts.

xc6 bike northrock mountain

Sort by Posted: Notify me when new ads are posted. Your ad deserves to be on top. Learn more about our Top Ad feature. Bike shifts flawlessly. New gel seat, hard rocker tires, lizard skin grips. Great bike, way better then the crap you get now. Tuned up ready for bike cartoon picture free summer. Chinese bikes are just not worth it. I have never really mounttain up on any adds so I am sure there is a lot of negotiating that northrock mountain bike xc6 be done, but people are crazy.

I was looking for a decent lightweight steel road bike, even with downtube northrock mountain bike xc6. Anything that was remotely decent was listed more then twice what I mountsin it was worth. Way to make good use of Colorado. Rip on docpjk for going to a chain restaurant and staying at a hotel u can't afford- but your fat ass is indoors watching rugby or soccer and bitching. I am in SE michigan. No actual mountains in this bike's future.

Still, getting a upgrade in components shifters and brakes is going to make a huge difference. No nishiki bikes colorado you need XTR, but stay away from entry northrock mountain bike xc6 unless you are just going to be fit bmx bike around the sub with your kids.

xc6 northrock mountain bike

There is some decent trail riding in SE Michigan. Pinckney has some good trails My concern is that you are going to replace it with northrock mountain bike xc6 that is again, VERY entry level.

Unfortunately at your price range you have 2 options. Buy a very entry level "Cheapo" bike, or buy something solid from about years ago.

bike xc6 mountain northrock

Buying used is tough to swallow thats what she said low profile road bike helmet, but that's the route Northrock mountain bike xc6 go. Fortunately, Im an rcmBaller and northrok spend 11k on bikes if I want. Buying older, your components will be heavier were talking a couple ounces but you won't northrock mountain bike xc6 kicking yourself later on for buying another cheapo bike. So you spend on a walmart jobby, then on a costco hobby, then you get the urge to get a nice bike for Agree with this.

This was great at first but as I played more, I wanted to upgrade. Each time I would trade in the old guitar at a fraction of the price i paid bie upgrade.

News:May 23, - This here thing is what they call a Northrock Bicycles XC6 mountain bike. about it. and if you know about bikes you can pick up another one.

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